Aero Design cargo baskets provide operators with the ability to carry any item large or small, protecting both passengers and the aircraft interior from harmful or uncomfortable items, and allowing operators to consider potential new contract types and sources of revenue. Dirty or potentially damaging items such as chainsaws, shovels, Cloudburst Fire Bucket, or other work gear, as well as ski's, snow boards, poles or even a VIP lunch for the day, are perfect examples of items that can be carried in our cargo baskets.

 From an operational standpoint, necessary items such as fuel jugs or bear spray that could be harmful to passengers and crew are required to be external cargo. In an environment where a long line is not always an option, an Aero Design cargo basket is the perfect choice. 

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  The Aero Design quick release system is the superior choice on the market. Once the hard mount provisions are installed, the basket simply clips on and off using basket mounted lugs and keyways in the mounting beams. The entire process of basket installation and subsequent removal only takes a few seconds, and with the addition of the optional hangar wheel, the pilot or technician can complete the task in less time than it takes to do the weight and balance amendment.  

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Aero Design offers a variety of fixed and quick release step options to suit the needs of operators from all areas of the helicopter industry. Where possible, quick release step storage provisions have been incorporated into cargo basket mounting beams for convenience and sustaining payload volumes. And finally, optional peg steps and extended maintenance steps offer two more examples of Aero Design products that come from the industry, for the Industry! For AS350/355 operators who have already invested in a fixed forward cabin step from a competitor, Aero Design offers a low cost conversion kit that allows you to shorten an existing step to work with any of the Aero Design AS350/355 line of baskets.




friction 7 wide Aero Design offers the only option currently available for the replacement of the Bell 206/407 Cyclic Friction. With roots deep in the utility helicopter industry in North America, the part was designed for easy installation and set up of minimum friction with exceptional control of additional and full friction. The historical wear components have been removed from the installation ensuring the initial purchase price is far outweighed by the parts replacement cost of the OEM design. 





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Aero Design is proud to offer the superior choice in helicopter bearpaws from our sister company Helitowcart. These outstanding bearpaws currently offered for the AS350/355, EC130 and R44 feature a streamlined no lip design allowing moisture and debris to easily shed and are constructed from strong and lightweight UHMW-Polymer. The revolutionary Iceblades offer a level of comfort when starting up or shutting down on icy surfaces and help to increase the longevity of the pads when landing on concrete or paved surfaces.








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Our goal of offering the best products to the global helicopter industry has made great gains thanks to our friends at IMS New Zealand. Aero Design is excited to offer many of the products produced by IMS, not the least of which is the Cloudburts Fire Bucket. Single or multi drop capable and optional electric or pneumatic valves make Cloudurst Fire Bucket the only choice precision aerial firefighting operations! 






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Aero Design AMF 73-04 is a Transport Canada approved facility with capabilities in welding, machining and fabrication. The beautiful west coast facility is based in Okeover Britsh Columbia just north of Powell River. The proximity to Vancouver and Vancouver Island in combination with the gorgeous surroundings provide the company and its team with outsanding growth potential and a supurb quality of life.




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