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The Helitowcart Bearpaw is another product that Aero Design is proud to present as the premier Bearpaw on the market. This outstanding design offers tremendous attention to detail with the following features:

Efficient Design

Streamlined pad shape and no lip edge allowing moisture and debris to easily flow off.

Reinforced rear section of the pad afford long term durability at the landing contact point.



Sturdy Construction

Sturdy Attachment Clips constructed from 14ga Stainless Steel.

Long Lasting UHMW-Polymer used in pad construction for best sturdiness-flexibility ratio.

Pads profile optimized through finite element analysis to obtain best lightweight-strength ratio.



This revolutionary feature in bearpaw design provide dramatically improved traction on clear ice offering safety and comfort during startup and shut down. Additional benefits include increased longevity through increased protection of the pads and Iceblades are included standard with the BearPaw Installation.


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