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The MD600N is a solid platform in its' own right with a tiny footprint, outstanding noise charactaristics and a get up and go attitude, but add into that mix the Aero Design MD600N Utility Basket Installation and you really have something. Available for left or right hand configuration, this basket allows the operator to add quick and easy additional cargo space in mere seconds. 

      TC STC SH09-1     FAA STC SR02728NY

 Basket FMS     Basket ICA



Technical Information 


  Standard Basket
Cargo Capacity 300.0 lb 135.7 kg
Installation Weight 102.4 lb 46.3 kg
Length 96.5 in 245.1 cm
Width 24.3 in 61.6 cm
Depth 17.0 in 43.2 cm
Volume 22.5 cu. ft. 637.1 L
Flight Restrictions (Vne) 130 KIAS    
Cabin Step Weight 6.0 lb 2.7 kg




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