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The 4 sizes of Aero Design Bell quick release helicopter cargo basket for the Bell 206L/407 are available for the right hand side of the aircraft affording the pilot a visual on the contents and lid for security. Sizes range from the low mounted 75.25" utility basket all the way up to the two massive high and low mounted Ski options at 96" and 96.5" respectively. For those operators wishing to maintain a smaller fleet of baskets while still having the ability to carry longer items and all 3 low mounted options use the same mounting provisions giving multi aircraft operators the option of moving a variety of baskets throughout the fleet with out changing provisions.


      TC STC SH00-48     FAA STC SR02253NY

 High Mount Basket FMS     Mounting Provisions FMS     Low Mount Basket FMS 

    Mounting Provision ICA             High Mount Basket ICA     

 Low Mount Basket ICA (200 lb)      Low Mount Basket ICA (300 lb)    


Technical Information


  Standard Basket   Wide Basket   Ski Basket (Low Mounted)   Ski Basket (High Mounted)  
Cargo Capacity 300.0 lb 135.7 kg   300.0 lb 135.7 kg   300.0 lb 135.7 kg   200.0 lb 90.5 kg  
Installation Weight 71.0 lb 32.1 kg   70.9 lb 32.1 kg   86.1 lb 39.0 kg   84.8 lb 38.4 kg  
Length 75.3 in 191.1 cm 75.3 in 191.1 cm 96.5 in 245.1 cm 96.5 in 245.1 cm
Width 21.0 in 53.3 cm 24.3 in 61.6 cm 24.3 in 61.6 cm 21.0 in 53.3 cm
Depth 15.8 in 40.0 cm 17.0 in 43.2 cm 17.0 in 43.2 cm 18.8 in 47.6 cm
Volume 14.1 cu. ft. 399.3 L   17.5 cu. ft. 495.5 L   21.1 cu. ft. 597.5 L   21.3 cu. ft. 603.1 L  
Flight Restrictions (Vne) none         none         none         none        




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